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  • Genomic analysis of polymorphism and divergence in Drosophila melanogaster. Investigators: Antonio Barbadilla (IP), Sònia Casillas, Esther Miquel i Ràmia Betrán. MICINN BFU2009-09504/BMC.
  • Drosophila Genetic Reference Panel: A Community Resource for the Study of Genotypic and Phentypic Variation.http: / / flybase.org / static_pages / news / whitepapers / Drosophila_Genetic_Reference_Panel_Whitepaper.pdf 
  • Patterns of nucleotide diversity in different functional regions of Drosophila and Chordates. Investigators: Antonio Barbadilla (IP), Sònia Casillas, Natalia Petit, Raquel Egea, Esther Betrán. BFU2006-08640/BMC MEC. 
  • Association Studies assisted by Inference and Semantic Technologies (ASSIST). Project Coordinator: P. Mitko (CERHT / ITI). Sixth Framework Program. STRP: Integrated biomedical information for better health. FP6-IST-2004-027510. 
  •  Identification of genes involved in susceptibility to fibromyalgia and / or chronic fatigue syndrome. Genetic similarities and differences. Foundation for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Echevarne Foundation, Ebiointel, Dpt Genetica i Microbiologia UAB, CEGEN, bancoADN. 
  • Comparative and functional genomics of Drosophila: causes and consequences of natural chromosomal rearrangements. Investigators: A. Ruiz (I.P.), A. Barbadilla, Josefa González, Ferran Casal, Barbara Negre, Marta Puig, Santa Cristina, Sònia Casillas. MCYT - BMC2002-01708. 2003-2005 
  • The role of recombination in generating chromosomal diversity and natural nucleotide. Coordinator: Alfredo Ruiz. DGICYT - PB98-0900-C02. Subproject 1: Role of ectopic recombination in the chromosomal origin of natural reordeaciones. Investigators: A. Ruiz (I.P.) J. M. Ranz, Mario Cáceres, Josefa González, Ferran Casal. DGICYT - PB98-0900-C02-01. Subproject 2: Distribution of local recombination rates caused by conversion and crossing over the genome. Investigators: A. Barbadilla (I.P.), A. Santa Cristina Navarro. DGICYT - PB98-0900-C02-02. 2000-2002. 
  • Origin and molecular evolution of the chromosomal inversions of Drosophila buzzatii. Investigators: A. Ruiz (I.P.), A. Barbadilla, E. Betrán, A. Navarro, José María Ranz, Mario Cáceres, Josefa Gonzalez. DGICYT-PB95-0607. 
  • Adaptive significance of chromosomal polymorphism. Investigators: A. Ruiz (I.P.), A. Barbadilla, E. Betrán, A. Navarro. DGICYT - PB93-0844.
  • Project of the Center for Business Innovation and Development (ICW) for the creation of a technology-based business / ICW project for the development of a technological based company. Principal Investigator (PI) A. Barbadilla. 2001-02.
  • Management of development tools bionformáticas / Management for the development of bioinformatic tools. Principal Investigator (PI) A. Barbadilla. Convention Business collaboration and Science Foundation, UAB, 2002. 
  • Credit Neotec for the project ebioPlatform: / Neotec project for the developing of ebioPlatform. A. Barbadilla, I. Duran, B. Aranda, J. Puiggené, J. Colomer, N. Arroyo. Ministry of Industry, 2004-05.
  Dissemination of science
  • Draft special outreach activities of Science and Technology. Science and Technology Ministry. / Special Action Project for public communication of science. Investigators: A. Barbadilla (Principal Investigator), C. Santa. AE00-0128-DIF. 2001-02.
  • An invitation to bioinformatics. Any of the Computació. UAB 2008.
  • Hall of permanent genetics. Ajuts projectes d'innovació docents 2007. Vicerrectorat d'Estudis i de qualitat UAB.2007-2008. Antonio Barbadillo (IP), Miquel Ràmia, Maite Barron, Santiago Pastor, Ricard Marcos, Amadeu Creus, Antonia Velázquez.
  • Implementation of multimedia tools across a Titulation: The Case of Biology at the UAB / Implementing multimedia tools in the College: The Case of Biology at the UAB. (Together with the commission of teaching Biology: Javier Retana, Amalia Miller, Marina Luquin, Miquel Ninyerola and Elena Ibáñez). Projects to improve teaching quality AGAUR 2004MQD 00,068. 2004-06.