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In Meetings:

  • 2008 18th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology (JSMB), Doshisha University, Kyoto Japan
  • 2008 Second meeting of the European society for Evolutionary Developmental biology (EEDB), Ghent, August. (Organizing committee)
  • 2008 International Symposium in networks in Bioinformatics. Amsterdam.
  • 2007 Phenotypic and developmental plasticity. Indian Institute of Science Trivandrum, India. 2007 Developmental Systems Biology at the European congress in complex systems ECCS
  • 2007. Dresden. 2007 Linking genes and morphology in vertebrates. In SICB
  • 2007. Phoenix (USA). 2006 Morphogenesis from different viewpoints. Faculty of Science at Göteborg University. Göteborg
  • 2006. First European Exploratory Workshop on Evolutionary Developmental Biology, Venice
  • 2006 First meeting of the European society for Evolutionary Developmental biology (EEDB), Prague, August. (Organizing committee)
  • 2004 Seminars in Algorithmica and Biology. "Genomes, Chromosomes, Cells and Developmental Biology". Lyon. France. Invited
  • 2001 Evolution of Genetic Networks Symposium. University of Oregon, Eugene, OR. USA.
Invited. Contributed speaker:
  • 2007 ICVM-8. International Congress in Vertebrate Morphology. Paris.
  • 2005 Developmental Basis Of Evolutionary Change. Chicago. Chicago University
  • 2005 Sysbio Annual Symposium, Finnish Academy. Espoo, finland. (Price to the best talk)
  • 2005 3rd TICSP workshop on computational systems biology (wcsb 2005). Tampere University of Technology
  • 2004 7th International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology. Florida. USA
  • 2000 European symposium of evolutionary biology. Barcelona. Spain
Invited to give a talk to the institution:
  • 2005 Institut für Entwicklungsbiologie. Universität zu Köln. Germany
  • 2005 EMBL. Heidelberg. Germany
  • 2004 Biogeosciences. Université de Bourgogne. Dijon. France
  • 2003 Faculty of Biology. University of Manchester. United Kingdom
  • 2000 Konrad Lorenz Institute for evolutionary and congitive biology. Viena. Austria.
  • 2000 Cell Biology and Anatomy department at New York Medical College. USA