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General Information

Deodoro Oliveira (Ph.D.), Molecular Biologist

Group of Genomics, Bioinformatics, and Evolution

Dept. de Genética y Microbiologia
Facultad de Biociencias
Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

Bellaterra, BCN, Spain; 08193

voice: +34 93 581 3787
fax: +34 93 581 2387

deodoro.oliveira at uab.cat


Research Interests:
Evolution of Nuclear and Mitochondrial Genomes.
Speciation Process and Hybrid Incompatibilities.
Molecular Evolution and Molecular Phylogenetics.
Systematics and Biogeography.


Representative Publications:
(articles are available upon request)

    Oliveira, D.C.S.G., Werren, J.H., Verhulst E., Giebel, J.D., Kamping, A., Beukeboom L.W., and van de Zande, L.  2009.  Identification and characterization of the doublesex gene of Nasonia.  Insect Molecular Biology, 18: 315-324.

    Oliveira, D.C.S.G., RayChoudhury, R., Lavrov, D.V., and Werren, J.H.  2008.  Rapidly evolving mitochondrial genome and directional selection in mitochondrial genes in the parasitic wasp Nasonia (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae).  Molecular Biology and Evolution, 25: 2167–2180.

    Dunning Hotopp, J.C., Clark, M.E., Oliveira, D.C.S.G., et al. (20 co-authors).  2007.  Widespread lateral gene transfer from intracellular bacteria to multicellular eukaryotes.  Science, 317: 1753–1756.

    Oliveira, D.C.S.G., O’Grady, P.M, Etges, W.J., Heed, W.B, and DeSalle, R.  2005.  Molecular systematics and geographical distribution of the Drosophila longicornis species complex (Diptera: Drosophilidae).  Zootaxa, 1069: 1–32.

    Oliveira, D.C.S.G. and Reinach, F.C.  2003.  The calcium-induced switch in the troponin complex probed by fluorescent mutants of troponin I.  European Journal of Biochemistry, 270: 2937–2944.




Updated on July 24, 2009