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The line of research in Bioinformatics for Genetic Diversity works within the framework of basic research carried out the project entitled Patterns of nucleotide diversity in different regions and functional Drosohpila Chordata.

The project's main objective is to conduct a study of nucleotide variation of a considerable number of species and genera for describing the patterns of nucleotide variation and the elucidation of the weight of the phylogeny, ecology, demography, the functional elements of the genome and the observed patterns reconvinació.

Bioinformatics line for genetic diversity, which is currently expanding its project, consists of Dr. Antonio Barbadillo, Dr. Sonia Casillas, and two fellows PIF (Personal Researcher Training) Miquel Ràmia and Maite Barrón. The group also has the collaboration of Dr. Esther Bertran, University of Texas, Arlington.

Alongside the research group active in the doctoral program in Genetics at UAB, teaching courses or organizing international courses that include genomics in collaboration with guest lecturers.
A power level, the group collaborates in the organization of conferences and internal seminars to present and discuss the results of the investigation.